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In a rapidly changing environment, The O'Dell Corporation constantly looks for opportunities to improve the current state of Earth's ecosystem. We are taking bigger and better strides in green initiatives from an environmental and a
manufacturing standpoint.  O'Dell understands that the way to reduce a product's impact on the environment is to look at the entire product life-cycle, from powering the factory, sourcing raw materials, and manufacturing, to using a product, and recycling the product once its useful life is spent.  We improve our products and production process in ways that are sustainable, quantifiable, and smart. 

Amid media attention and expansive claims, green cleaning can be simplified to one statement, 'Clean to protect human health without harming the environment.' It means making more durable products from recycled, reclaimed and renewable raw materials, that use less chemicals, energy and water to produce and operate.  It means thinking about ordinary business activities like costing, sourcing, logistics, and inventory control in new terms  -- like fuel usage, carbon footprint, sustainability, land use, and local sourcing.  It means to bring green philosophy 'pie in the sky' down to earth to benefit our customers  -- with green cleaning tools that are not just the right choice for your green cleaning program, but the smartest choice. 

In 1995, on company property, we created 1,000 acres of protected forest and wetlands to provide a safe and healthy environment where many wildlife species can find naturally occurring food sources and shelter. We also created marked hiking trails and campsites so that our protected lands can be used as an educational tool to teach awareness - to all those who visit - of our environmental responsibilities.

Manufacturing of EchoMop® wet mops incorporates PET plastics, turning ordinary plastic bottles into a reusable resource. O'Dell effectively diminishes waste going into our landfills while conserving natural resources. We can make 1 large mop head with eight 16 oz. plastic bottles.

We utilize bamboo, a fast growing sustainable resource, combined with recycled and reclaimed hardwood from the furniture industry, to make our Bamwood® floor cleaning handles. Bamboo, one of the strongest natural materials, is actually a grass. The same plant continues to regrow from the root system after it is harvested, yielding a perpetual supply. Like bamboo itself, our Bamwood® handles last a lifetime.

Packaging film has been changed over to a non-petroleum, corn-based film where available. Plant-wide recycling of corrugated, textiles, plastic and paper is already practiced.

O'Dell is proud to be a leader in the industry when it comes to using environmentally sound practices. By doing so we have reached Green Power Partner Status with the EPA and Laurens Electric Cooperative, making us the first 100% Green Power supplied manufacturer in South Carolina. Just recently, we have received a Green Level Participant in the Cleaning Industry Climate Initiative, making The O'Dell Corporation carbon neutral certified!

One of our goals for 2009 is to begin our Rewind Mop Recycling Program, which will be an easy and convenient way for end-users to return used mops to O'Dell to be recycled into new textile products. 

Join us and thousands of companies and individuals across the globe that are meeting the challenge of environmental issues that confront us all. You can help improve the conditions for a better tomorrow by reducing, reusing and recycling. Help the Earth's ecosystem blossom into "A Deeper Shade of Green."

Making the Environment Greener & Cleaner-Top to Bottom!