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Sure Step Mop

Sure Step Mop

Sure Step Mop

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According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) over 3 million restaurant employees and one million guests are injured annually by restaurant slips and falls. The industry spends $2 Billion annually in compensation.*

Always on the leading edge of product innovation, O’Dell offers a safer alternative to traditional mops for the foodservice industry: the Sure Step Mophead.

The new Sure Step mop yarn is composed of hydrophilic polyester and a low-melt fiber blended yarn combined with a grease-release agent baked into the fibers.

Typically, grease settles on conventional yarns even after being rinsed in the bucket and wrung out, spreading grease over the mopped floor. The Sure Step mop absorbs oils, and other liquids, and it has fantastic release of grease once it hits the water.

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