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Echoshine Finish Mops

Echoshine Finish Mops

Echoshine Finish Mops

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EchoShine® finish mops are the most environmentally friendly finish mops available in our industry. These mops are composed of unique yarn blends wholly comprised of recycled fibers and provide all of the desired characteristics of premium finish application mopheads. Whether it be the rayon-P.E.T. blend or the 100% P.E.T. blend you can be assured of a lint free, streak free shine.

 EchosShine 1700 Series 

66% recycled post consumer PET from drink bottles.  34 % recycled post industrial Rayon.  Green and white stripe designates EchoShine finish mop. 6 ply hygrade fiber blend. Smooth, steady release with very low linting.  Worker fatigue can be reduced by the smooth flowing application of the EchoShine mop.

Download 1700 Series Spec Sheet


EchoShine 77 Series

Made of 100% recycled post consumer P.E.T. plastic, the 77 Series is extremely low linting with a rapid, smooth release. Its very low drag comes from 6-ply, long staple, poly fiber yarn, which holds liquid with surface tension and releases it smoothly and evenly.

Download Spec Sheet


EchoShine Flat

FMG Series 66% recycled post consumer P.E.T. from drink bottles and 34% recycled post industrial rayon. FMP Series 100% recycled P.E.T. post -consumer white P.E.T. plastic. 100% recycled P.E.T. mesh back construction allows easy flow through for liquids, while the EchoShine® yarn options allow smooth, rapid coverage of floor finishes. Cleaner, greener & faster! Keyhole construction with ties.