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Naturally Antimicrobial

Naturally Antimicrobial

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4200 Sterling Plus Series - Download Spec Sheet

Green cleaning calls for a critical balance - between new technology and conventional wisdom, between short-term and long-term environmental benefits, and between effectiveness and cost. One concern of scientists with synthetic antibiotics and antimicrobials has been the development of resistant strains of bacteria. Silver and copper ion treatment is a safe alternative to synthetic antimicrobials, because both elements are safe for the environment. The Sterling Plus® series is constructed of silver and copper treated rayon/synthetic fibers. Sterling Plus® antimicrobial loop mops would be ideal for the commercial laundry rental market, for food service, healthcare, and for all Jan/San applications.

4400 Series - Download Spec Sheet
4 ply preshrunk, antimicrobial yarn. Locked in anti- microbial protection eliminates germs and bacteria. Rayon/synthetic blend. Available in all colors. 

Standard band colors: small-yellow, medium-green, large-red, xlarge-blue.

Rayon/synthetic fibers treated with silver-copper antimicrobial agent which will not wash out into the environment. The antimicrobial agent protects the mophead from bacterial & fungal growth, which inhibits yarn degradation and offensive odors. Available in all colors.