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Upright Brooms

100% Corn

Broom Corn or broom straw is actually a form of Sorghum, grown specifically for its ability to trap fine dust particles. Microscopic splits on the tassel’s outer walls capture dust, making it “the first microfiber”. It is water resistant and wears very well, making it the premium broom fiber. Broom corn goes from seed to harvest in about 3 months. It is environmentally friendly because it grows in dry areas, using only rain water. Nothing is wasted --leftover straw and seeds after harvest are used for animal feed.


Corn/fiber blended brooms are constructed of broom corn and sotol fibers from the yucca plant. Yucca is a member of the agave or century plant family, which thrives in warm, arid regions. Yucca supplies fibers for rope, mats and basketry. The stiff sotol fibers are used to make the broom’s core, which is then wrapped with a layer of broom corn. This makes a strong, economical broom.


Polypropylene fibers give good sweeping performance indoors or outdoors, especially in damp environments. The tough fibers give a long wear life, do not absorb water, and are resistant to most chemicals, detergents, insects, and mildew.