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Microfiber Dusting Tools

Microfiber Dusting Tools


MicroFeather dusting tools feature very fine split microfiber. Soft feathers of microfiber trap and store minute dust particles and will not scratch delicate surfaces.

To hand wash microfiber dusters: Wash head with warm soapy water, rinse, towel dry, then spin between hands to fluff. Hang to dry.

MicroFeather Duster (MFD23) outperforms ostrich, lambswool, and polywool dusters. Flexible head fits any dusting job. Threaded to accept extension handle (TH-BM60). 

Spun Microfiber Dusting Mitt (SLD-MITT) uses the same material as our spun loop dustmops, for heavy debris clean up. Lasts hundreds of launderings. Use with Overhead Duster (FHDT).

Spun Microfiber Duster (SLD20) fits the Flexible Wand Duster. Picks up heavy debris and fine particles, trapping them until laundering. Lasts hundreds of laundering.

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