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O'Dell Corp

Microfiber Finish Pads

Microfiber Finish Pads


Microfiber Applicator (MAP) – finishing pads that are smooth and streak-free at an economical price. Offers superior sewn construction and ultra-fine microfibers, giving a super-soft pad that ghosts over surfaces without streaking, but which is durable enough to withstand repeated launderings.

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  • Fits standard 18” & 24” hook and loop frames

  • MAP185 uses frame (AMFMF-16) and handle (TH-BF60) and MAP245 uses frame (AMFMF-22) and handle (TH-BF60)

  • Each pad comes packaged in a resealable storage bag
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your finish pad by storing in the resealable bag between uses and between launderings
  • Use with our Finishing/Wringing bucket (MBMF6B)
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