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O'Dell Corp

Good - Edge Non-Woven Wet Mop For Food Service

Good - Edge Non-Woven Wet Mop For Food Service


Produced from 100% post industrial material - the new Edge Mop is made from recycled rayon / synthetic nonwoven edge trim. Compared to cotton, this material exhibits 70% greater absorption and 68% greater liquid release, giving the same cleaning results with less yarn fiber. The Edge mop will not unravel, leaves less lint, and requires no break-in time. The Edge mop is ideal for wax stripping, disinfecting, quick spill pick-up, and general purpose cleaning.

  • 70% greater absorption than cotton
  • 68% greater liquid release
  • Reduced linting
  • Immediate absorption
  • 100% post - industrial nonwoven edge trim
  • Made in the USA
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