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ODell Corp

Microfiber Spun Loop Handy Mop Pads

Microfiber Spun Loop Handy Mop Pads


Why use Microfiber Spun Loop pads?

  • High loop pile gives higher absorption than woven pads
  • Cleans uneven surfaces
  • Loops capture large particles
  • Loop pile gives greater saturation to insure proper dwell times for cleaning chemicals
  • Durable up to 500 washes (200 washes with diluted chlorine bleach)
  • Clean more floor space with one pad

    Spun Loop Handy Mop Pad

    • Clean hard flat surfaces like tables; desks; and cabinets with the handy mop (SLMHMP) and Trowel (HMP).
    • Clean Walls and other hard-to-reach surfaces with the Handy Mop Pad and the Wall Mop Tool (WMT) fits telescopic handle (TH-BF60)

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